Ye Rimesters Tale

Once there liv´d a man

who many rymes cant

Thro´ Day and Night he sang,

and thro´the streets he sprang.

A Rimester was he of great Fame

Though the World to him was all the same.

His Dreames where colourfull

but the World seem´d to him dull.

Fawns and Nymphes he beheld

they him much a wondrous Story tell´d:

Of bygone Days and Glories long gone

when a pure Light undimm´d shone

from Altars erected in a dim Wood,

where stone statues as silent Guardians stood.

And Chants in the Elder Tonque rang aloud

to the Stars.

´Tis and more the Rimester was told

many marvels afore his Eyes unfold.

He pass´d away in unknown Place, old and worn

and he lives evermo´ in the realms forlorn

to Man

Aus dem Jahr 2015, ein wenig überarbeitet

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